Outreach and Education Developed a training model that is inclusive of diverse cultural backgrounds that addresses problems communities face in obtaining access to appropriate services. The education consists of a variety of activities, and promotes wellness through workshops, seminars and health fairs.

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African Coalition Programs


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Mental Health

Direct mental health (FEE FOR SERVICE )(FFS): The African Coalition will establish multidisciplinary teams to ensure comprehensive treatment. this services include individual and group psychotherapy/rehabilitation, psychiatric evaluation and medication support, as well as case management. 


While we will pursue mainstream clinical and therapeutic methods, African Coalition is sensitive and responsive to individuals, who wish to incorporate these approaches with their own cultural or faith-based practices


Will provide legal assistance, application support for naturalization, status adjustment & other legal services. 


Will offer free information, seminars and workshops on immigration issues and changes. 


Will assist with resume writing workshops, interview skills, financial literacy, networking, & entrepreneurship



Advocacy Program

Advocate to ensure equal access to services and opportunities to promote health equity. 

Case Management 

Case Managers identify and assist community members with their unmet needs and provide linkage and coordination of care with social, medical, housing, school, education, and financial assistance providers.

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