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Case Management – ACPHC

Case Management


Under this system most professional staff are given case management responsibility, to ensure that there would be central accountability for each community member.

 The case manager’s responsibilities include:  
  • Acting as the main contact person for community members, monitoring treatment Problem-solving (such as crisis interventions, dealing with different public agencies)
  • Documentation of treatment activities in the record Coordinating services and treatment with the various disciplines
  • Liaison with any network partners involved in the community members’ basic needs.
  • Consultation with community and family regarding the person.

Making A Difference

We are among the few organizations in Southern California that cater to special populations, such as refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented individuals, and human trafficked African-descent immigrants. Our populations thus represent the full spectrum of the African Diaspora: Ethiopian, Eritrean, Sierra Leonine, Ghanaian, Nigerian, Guinean, Liberian, Cameroonian, Sudanese, Somalian, Kenyaian, Ugandan, and those of Caribbean descent.

Change the World.