2024 Annual African Cultural & Community Wellbeing Summit

The “2024 Annual African Cultural & Community Wellbeing Summit” holds a special place in our hearts as we gather to prioritize and support the well-being of African-descent communities. Our mission is to foster unity, amplify shared visions, address common interests and concerns, and empower our communities to engage in collective activism.

This annual summit serves as a dynamic platform for communities of African descent and their allies to come together, build strong connections, and collaborate effectively in shaping policies and decisions that positively impact their well-being. Through this process, we aim to cultivate empowered communities, activists, and leaders.

In the spirit of addressing pressing issues, the 2024 Summit will feature panel discussions dedicated to four critical areas challenging the well-being of African descent communities:

  1. Mental Health: Recognizing the importance of mental well-being and the need for support and awareness within our communities.
  2. Immigration: Acknowledging the diverse backgrounds of African immigrants and the contributions they make to American society, while also addressing the unique challenges they face.
  3. Economic Development: Exploring opportunities for economic growth, entrepreneurship, and financial empowerment within our communities.
  4. Educational Development: Focusing on education as a key driver of progress and discussing strategies to enhance educational opportunities for African descent youth.

According to the U.S. Census, the number of Black immigrants living in the United States has seen significant growth, reaching 4.6 million in 2019, up from approximately 800,000 in 1980. A substantial portion of this immigrant population hails from the Caribbean, representing 49% of foreign-born immigrants of African descent. Their contributions have been integral to the growth and enrichment of the broader Black population in the U.S.

These immigrants and refugees of African descent bring with them a diverse tapestry of experiences, perspectives, and talents, which have greatly enriched American society. Their significant contributions span various sectors, from medicine and technology to education, culture, and the arts.

However, we also acknowledge the challenges that immigrants of African descent have faced on their journey, including language barriers, discrimination, and difficulties in accessing essential services and resources. Despite these obstacles, their resilience has led to the establishment of thriving communities in cities across the nation.

As we convene at this summit, let us engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and work collaboratively to overcome challenges while celebrating the remarkable contributions of African immigrants to our society. Together, we can empower our communities and create a brighter future for all.

African Communities Public Health Coalition