Mental Health Experiences Within Our Community – Important to Watch for National Recovery Month

Mental health is for everyone. But immigrants are often underrepresented or unable to get the help they need when dealing with the challenges they face. In fact, the majority of people struggling with mental health are immigrants. This is because of the challenges immigrants deal with whether it is adjusting to life in a new country, generational trauma, or some other issue that they may be dealing with. Most of the undiagnosed mental illness that adults face is often caused by past experiences. This includes but not limited to , childhood trauma,  war conflicts, maltreatment, physical abuse, and neglect. 

In order to combat these issues, it is important for people to be open, and eliminate the stigma associated with mental health. Stigmas thrive in silence, and bringing issues into the light can take away the shame and give people a voice. Together, we can create a space where people are open and don’t feel alone.