Highlight: African Communities Public Health Coalition

Senait Admassu, President of ACPHC with Dr. Jerry Abraham and other vaccine clinic volunteers hosted through Kendren Health Center in South LA

African Community Public Health Coalition’s (ACPHC) mission is to improve personal and community health and wellness within the African community through increasing the availability of culturally-relevant physical and mental health services. As an Equity Fund partner, ACPHC has prioritized reaching refugees, asylees, and undocumented African communities from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia, Cameroon, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, and the Caribbean. ACPHC’s approach to delivering services is based on the principle of mutual aid: community helping the community. 

During mid-May, ACPHC partnered with Dr. Jerry Abraham and Kendren Health Center on events that helped to vaccinate over 1000 community members in South LA. Community members were served at Kendren’s Avalon Boulevard facility as well as clinics hosted at Nickerson Gardens public housing complex and Southern Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. ACPHC worked with other volunteers, African community leaders and students, to direct community members, assist with paperwork, provide translation support, and pass out personal protective equipment. They provided special attention and care to elderly community members and women with children, and provided food and music to the events. 

Senait Admassu, President of ACPHC said, “It’s about knowing your own community, what they deserve, and what they need.”