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Gustavo Martinez
Community Engagement Coordinator


Gustavo “Gus” Martinez-Pelcastre is passionate about social justice, racial egality, and the beauty of civic duty. As a DACA recipient, Gus understands the plight that immigrants go through on a daily basis with the anxieties and frustrations being a palpable and unfortunate relatable feeling. After spending years in a fog of self-doubt, the 2016 election inspired Gus to return to school in 2018 and graduated in 2020 being twice on the Dean’s List and won the National Model UN award for “best position paper” out of hundreds of other students. In his spare time, Gus spends his time running his small business with his fiancée, going on hikes, meditating, accidentally adopting stray animals, playing chess, and collecting rare out of print movies. Ultimately Gus hopes to make impact in people’s lives no matter how big or small.