What we Do

Acknowledging the gap between African immigrants and “traditional” physical and mental health services, the African Coalition promotes an African-centered approach to mental health care, service delivery and theoretical understanding of all mental health programs.

As opposed to most programs that offer a one-dimensional plan at treating issues faced by at-risk individuals, the African Coalition takes on a comprehensive multi dimensional approach to treating the mental and physical health of hard to reach, African communities.

Empowering the Community Leaders – Through the Village Healing Ways (VHW), African Coalition provides culturally competent training to trusted and selected volunteer community members, in order for them to become ‘lay-experts’ on mental health issues, and immigration.

Outreach and Education – The African Coalition provides education workshops to increase awareness and the utilization of health and other community services.

Case Management – Through our case management services, we provide community members with referrals and coordination of services, to meet their health, immigration, and other social service needs.

Our Portfolio