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The African Coalition was chosen as the Black Emergency Management Assocation (BEMA) at the2014 Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series hosted by the Constituency For Africa.


Series Background:

The Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series (RHB Series) was initiated by the Constituency for Africa in 1996 to commemorate the memory of the Hon. Ronald H. Brown. Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown was a strong leader and forceful advocate on behalf of Africa. The Constituency for Africa acknowledges the significant contributions made by this champion for forging U.S. ties with Africa. Ron Brown fortified existing relationships and developed new partnerships between U.S. and African public and private sectors; assisted in the development of appropriate economic and foreign policy frameworks; and formed sustainable mechanisms to support sustainable linkages between business enterprises. Ron Brown was the first African-American Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the first to travel to sub-Saharan Africa. During a trip in 1990, he talked about political development, but more importantly, the strategic relevance of trade and investment opportunities between the United States and Africa. When he became the Secretary of Commerce, he made good on his belief in the importance of economic development and commercial ties by leading numerous trade missions to Africa including one to South Africa a few days after sanctions were lifted by the United States. He also opened a U.S. commercial center in South Africa, now named after him; opened andexpanded commercial offices in regional hubs throughout Africa; supported the passage of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA); and rallied other U.S. government agencies around African issues and invited senior officials from those federal agencies to travel with him to Africa to develop solutions to challenges in a cooperative manner. In honor of his deep commitment towards forging a progressive U.S.-Africa foreign policy relationship, in 1996 the Constituency for Africa decided to dedicate its Series on African Affairs in his name.


The Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series has established itself as a stellar colloquium committed to educating and mobilizing the U.S. public on matters pertaining to Africa. As a result, the Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series has effectively fostered increased levels of cooperation and coordination amongst a broad-based coalition of American and African international organizations and individuals committed to the progress and empowerment of Africa and the African people. Past themes in collaboration with the World Bank have been: In 2013 – Harnessing the

Series Agenda

2014 Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series
September 25 – October 4, 2014
Washington, D.C.
“Promoting the STEM Revolution in Africa: A Diaspora Priority”
Day 8, Wednesay October 1st
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Black Emergency Managers Association (BEMA)
Forum Homewood Suites Hotel 1475 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. (meeting room to be determined)
Open to the Public and Advance Registration Required
“Cultural Competency: Engaging the African Diaspora – An Innovative Approach in Developing Community Leaders and Mobilizing the African Diaspora”
Presenter: Ms. Senait Admassu
The purpose of Cultural Competency: Engaging the African Diaspora is to engage African immigrants in health promotion and disease prevention, and to redefine the U.S. lifestyle to benefit all. Engaging the African Diaspora will focus on a culturally competent leadership development and advocacy approach to find new solutions to reduce persistent health disparities and improve health outcomes of the African Diaspora. Engaging the African Diaspora will also discuss the prevalence of physical and mental chronic diseases among African immigrants after their arrival in the United States. For most African immigrant communities in the U.S., stigma and lack of knowledge about physical and mental health and access to resources have contributed to limited access and poor utilization of appropriate physical and mental health services. Engaging the African Diaspora will introduce a new application to the health and mental health system. This new application is a promising practice, is culturally appropriate and inclusive, includes the handson involvement of community leaders, and is an approach that has been successful in African community in Los Angeles County. Engaging the African Diaspora recognizes the importance of immigrants’ health in health policies and practices, and intends to identify positive values and healthy traditions of African immigrants to help them keep their strengths and acculturation with good health. The Engaging the African Diaspora workshops are excellent examples of how communities can mobilize at the grassroots level to address African immigrants’ physical and mental health concerns. Together, we can encourage the development of culturally competent mental health education, outreach and services! 12 Note: The Constituency for Africa (CFA) will partner with the African Communities Public Health Coalition (ACPHC) to organize this Cultural Competency Forum.

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